“Teddy bear”


  • Rectangular embroidery hooP 200 x 360 mm Ref: RE36b
  • ½ yd of velour or jersey fabric cut into two pieces
  • (18” X 30” each)
  • ½ yd of tearaway stabilizer
  • ¼ yd of contrasting jersey fabric
  • Polyfil
  • Machine embroidery thread
  • Prewound embroidery bobbins
  • Sewing threads the color of your jersey fabric
  • A hand needle


  • Embroidery machines elna,
  • In this tutorial, we have used the eXpressive 830L



Layer one 18” X 30” piece of jersey on top of stabilizer.

Place both the jersey fabric and stabilizer in the embroidery hoop, taking care not to wrinkle or stretch the fabric.

Embroider the outline of the teddy bear and outlines of the appliqués, ears, nose, and heart.

For the appliqués, cut out pieces of contrasting jersey fabric, slightly larger than the stitch markings of the ears, nose and heart.

Place them over the outlines and continue to embroider to sew the appliqués in place.


Remove the hoop from the machine, and carefully cut out around the appliqués.
Place the hoop back onto your embroidery machine and continue to embroider.


Place the second piece of 18” X 30” jersey fabric, right side down, on top of the hoop. Hold in place with a double basting stitch.


Finish your embroidery by sewing the final outline, and then take the fabric out of the hoop and remove the basting stitch and stabilizer.
Cut all around your teddy bear leaving a ¼” seam allowance.
Clip along the red lines.


Turn the teddy bear right side out and fill it with the polyfil.
Close the opening with a slip stitch.



You have just completed your embroidery, congratulations !

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