“Quilted bedspread”


  • A 200cm x 210cm duvet cover in printed fabric or 2.10 m of fabric for furniture of large width.
  • A 240cm x 240cm duvet cover in solid colour fabric or tone fabric or 400cm of fabric for furniture of large width
  • 480 cm of fleece
  • A matching sewing thread


  • Standard foot A
  • Standard foot F
  • Double piping foot if required



Cut the seams of the duvet covers, you need one side of 200cm x 210cm printed fabric and two sides of 2 x 240cm x 240cm solid colour fabric.


From the solid colour fabric cut:
– one x 22cm x 240 cm
– two x 22cm x 220 cm
– one x 22cm/200 cm.
– 7cm wide strips which must frame the border of your quilt, 970 cm with seams.


Sew the 22cm strips on the sides of the printed fabric. This will be the top of your quilt.


Cut the fleece in half, 2 x 240cm. Place the two pieces edge to edge and piece them together with a zig zag stitch pattern. Stitch settings: Width 7 mm, length 1.5 mm, standard foot F. Cut the excess to form a square of 240cm x 240cm.


Place the fleece on the underside of the fabric forming the top of your quilt and hold it with safety pins all over the area.


Take the second side of the solid colour fabric duvet cover (240cm x 240cm) and lay it on the other side of the fleece. Hold the three layers together with safety pins.


Use your iron to fold down 1cm on each side of the 7cm precut strips. Lay your 7 cm strip at the edge of your quilt and sew in the fold at 1cm from the edge. Fold down 1 cm on the sides before sewing.


Fold down the underside and hold with straight stitching. Repeat with the four sides.


Sew a star stitch, every 50cm approximately, all around the quilt to hold the three layers together, fabric-fleece-fabric.

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