Digitizer EX Junior V5.5


Embroidery Software – Digitizer EX Junior V5.5

Technical features – general

Create without any limit!
This version of the Elna embroidery software is the first step into the world of digitizing embroidery designs. You will discover many possibilities in an accessible environment.

New technical features:

  • Support for 4k Ultra HD monitors
  • Display Hoop Templates
  • Improved lettering user interface
  • Print hoop template

Technical features – basic

Please download the comparison chart for V5.5 and V5.5 Junior (PDF format)

3D View
Your embroidery as if it were already embroidered. Use this option with a background fabric or with the hoop to see how your design will look when stitched out. You can also change colors to match your preference.

Fantastic textures
To give more impact to your embroidery, add one of the beautiful embossed patterns. Your selection is instantly visible on the screen.

Colors threads
Give a natural look  to your projects by changing the colors of the threads. Different brand references are represented.

Embroidered lettering
Create professional quality lettering quickly and easily. Digitizer EX jr V5.5 offers a broad range of scalable, modifiable alphabet styles. Determining the orientation, shape and spacing between letters couldn’t be easier! The software is available with a wide choice of 25 different font styles.

Special arrangement
This function allows you to arrange multiple embroidery designs on the fabric. Create a large embroidery arrangements in one click. The drawings are automatically copied, rotated and placed in the work area.

XXL embroidery and multiple hoops
You wish to create large-size embroidery designs or to replicate your creation? It’s possible with the function the “Combine”. Adding a hoop and oversizing the embroidery is abreeze. Each frame has a different colour to help visualize the number of hoopings.

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